www.bs-aware.org.uk Stop talking to them! Hand them this card (see reverse) Do you suffer from anxiety, annoyance, mood swings, even nausea? Is it mainly when strangers start talking to you? It could be that you suffer from BULLSHIT SENSITIVITY! This person suffers from bullshit sensitivity! This is a serious condition and sufferers can become anxious. The problem is mainly felt by sane and rational people who spend most of their time engaged in reasoned debate and discussion and making rational decisions in their life. This is a mental condition where the brain cannot reconcile the fact that there are people in the world that are batshit insane or such complete morons who exhibit totally irrational behaviour and spout utter bullshit, like you... Don't take offence, that is just life. Stop talking to them now please. For their sanity and your own safety - JUST STOP!